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My name is Hubert Stolarski and i’m professional opera singing with over 10 years of stage experience. 

In 2019 I’ve started my journey as director assistant – in several opera production such as…. directed by Michał Znaniecki. This experience helped me understand complexity of opera producing, team managing and learn how to 

In 2023  I’ve started a foundation Compagnia Teatrale which main goal is to reach places far away from large urban centers with cultural offerings. 



Opera Singing

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John Doe
Opera Magazine

I graduated from the I.J. Paderewski Music Academy in Poznań under the guidance of Ks. Ryszard Karczykowski. My debut as Laerte in A. Thomas’s opera „Hamlet” took place at the Grand Theater in Poznań, conducted by Maestro Tadeusz Kozłowski. Proudly, I won the Verein Opera Classic Night Competition in Switzerland and have collaborated with various theaters in Europe and Russia, including UNESCO in Paris.

In 2013, I contributed to the historic recording of Karol Kurpiński’s opera „Zamek na Czorsztynie” with the Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra. Beyond the traditional opera circuit, my passion for exploring diverse cultures has led me to participate in international music festivals. Weather portraying Franek in S. Moniuszko’s opera „Flis” in Buenos Aires or taking part in the „Wuzhen Theater Festival” in China, I’ve found immense beauty in the fusion of artistic expression and cultural exchange.


Since 2019 i’ve begun collaboration with Foundation Jutropera, that 


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Director assistant & Opera production

Cultural Education

During COVID I’ve decided to create a social media platform, where people from all around the world can learn about less known operatic artists, as well they can support each other in…. . With time the SoMe platform has grown and now thanks to the community it’s developing in educational space to learn about interesting opera productions, streams and inspire artists to…. .


My main goal is to support Opera Houses with my knowleg of… With time I hope to hav a possibility of directing opera performance….